Let’s talk about pH levels

The stress and the pH miracle diet is a new way to look at how you eat. Basically, a diet balance can be negotiated by addressing each food, beverage, supplement, and additive by its acidic or alkaline signature.

Your body’s natural pH level and pH miracle diet

Our bodies work according to the pH scale, which works on a range of 1 to 14. Most importantly a ranking of 1 on this scale denotes a high level of acid. While a ranking of 14 indicates that there is a high concentration of alkaline present. Therefore a ranking of 7 on the pH scale represents neutrality in pH.

What is the optimum pH level

Practically the blood in the human bloodstream regulates at the level of 7.35, which is mildly alkaline. Certainly, the pH miracle diet advocates keeping the intake of food in your body in line with this optimum level.

The method of implementation is quite simple

Meanwhile by coordinating an eating planned structured around a comprehensive list of foods, and supplements you can create an effective strategy to lower acidity in your body.

How to measure pH level

Alkaline intake will counteract this stored acidity by being metabolized and neutralizing them at the source. With balance as the benchmark for a workable health plan. Therefore constant monitoring of the body’s pH levels is essential.

For example, Saliva pH test strips with a base range of 4.5 to 8.5 will allow for accurate readings. That can assist you in making the proper adjustments to your diet.

The stress and pH miracle diet

Even with all of this knowledge and action, there are outside influences that will affect your body’s acid production. Of course, these outside factors will greatly determine how you will implement the alkalizing foods and supplements. The most significant of these external factors will be stress.

How does stress work in your body?

No need to mention that stress is ubiquitous. It is everywhere and it affects everyone. As a result, this universal problem has a very traumatic effect on your body. The body works overtime to combat stress which in turn creates more stress. This vicious cycle is propagated by an increase in acid production. As stated previously, acid is a detriment to your body.

How does blood affect your immune system?

In fact, the body is overly acidic it does not run well. On the cellular level, the body cannot maintain the immune system. Besides the circulation is adversely affected with the heart having to compensate by working harder.

Stress is an acid-producing killer

With the heart beating at a higher rate to push this sticky blood through the bloodstream many of these sticky cell clumps break free from the path. And they attach themselves to the arterial walls creating further slowdowns in circulation.

Moreover, your body needs blood to function if the blood reaching the cells and organs are of poor quality this can have serious repercussions.

Other options for handling the stress

However, there are many techniques in addition to a diet that can help in your quest for a balanced pH level. Firstly getting adequate rest is always the best way to achieve stress relief. As well as meditation which can be two to three times more restful and rejuvenating than actual sleep.

Moderation in your diet

Secondly, limiting the intake of caffeine and other stimulants also works toward lowering stress in the body. This help by removing these narcotics from the equation. At the heart of stress reduction is eating more foods that are alkaline in nature which will neutralize the acid waste in the body.

Good old exercises

Last, but not least exercising is by far the most effective way to receive direct stress relief. It will also help reduce the fat stores of the body where acid waste inhabits in abundance.

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